Filling pump

Filling pump is in service to transport the suspension into the filter press. His right choice and control can largely affect the results of filtration.

Filling pressure filter press is standard in the range of 6 to 15 bar.

types of pumps:

As an integral part of measuring and control system and pumps offer containment and control valves and piping. Pump body material is dependent on the properties of suspension. The most commonly used PP and stainless steel, if necessary by steel tř.11, PE, PVDF and others.

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Hydraulic stations and hydraulic cylinders

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Conveyors for transport filter cake

In cases where the destruction of the filter cakes such as transporting the container outside the building or for further processing (kaolin, ceramic, etc.) We can supply various types of conveyors and material design.

Coming out cake can be diverted directly through the hopper to the conveyor, or the shredder or Smoothing cakes. These devices are primarily used for preparation of filter cake for microwave oven or vacuum presses.

Types of conveyors: conveyors conveyors conveyors

Supporting steel structure

If there is a need to put technology to the steel structure offers our company the processing of documentation, production, supply and installation of steel structures, including technology.

steel Steel steel

Tipping containers

Our hinged containers are designed especially for filter presses with format plates 400x400 mm to 800x800 mm

Containers produced in several versions with optional width, so as to best suit the size of the filter press.

Main parts are hinged flatbed and chassis with wheels and a pair of closed profiles designed for engagement of the forklift slides.

Material design: container container container container

Production of low-voltage and high-voltage switchgear, instrumentation, ASRTP

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